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Mother's Day Specials
Published on: 2012-05-07 by Dr. Tom

Happy Mothers Day!

I am happy to greet you this month with three special promotions for mom we’re offering here at the office.

May Coupon 1 May Coupon 2 May Coupon 3

Mother's Day

To redeem these coupons, simply call to make an appointment (330.638.7310) and print out and bring in your coupon. It’s that simple… but hurry in, these coupons are good for only the next 30 days!

If you know a mom who does not receive our newsletter, but who may wish to take advantage of these special offers, direct them to our website at:, where they can print them right from the front page.You can also like us on Facebook.
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I have a few interesting videos to share with you this month. The first is from, and it is a really good one on neck pain. You can view it here.

The next one is from the Dr. Oz show. He reports that a new study indicates 80% of those afflicted with back pain can find safe relief from chiropractic adjustments. He explains the root causes of back pain, shows a few, simple stretches to help alleviate it, and then offers instructive commentary while a patient is adjusted right on camera! Click here to view the video.

I guess this about wraps up what I want to share for May…I will be back in June with more interesting wellness information.

Stay healthy!

Dr. Tom

It looks like it is finally going to stay nice out, so I hope you are getting outside. It’s time to safely work off those few pounds we’ve all added after our winter hibernation. The best, safest way to do this is simply to walk 30 minutes per day. For the more ambitious, try jogging or bicycling, but remember, whichever you choose, be sure to do some stretching before and after your exercise of choice. In February’s newsletter, I gave you a link to some simple stretches that are good for any physical activity. If you did not see them, or would like to reference them again, you can do so at our website under the blog section.


Dr. Montgomery and Integrative Medical Center's March Newsletter
Published on: 2012-03-20 by Dr. Tom

Hello, Friends!

The weather is warming, and I hope you are beginning to get more active. Remember, it is important to properly stretch before you exercise. To help, HERE is a link to a good article, which shows some basic stretches for people of all skill levels. Also remember, it is important to cool down after each exercise session.

While I am on the topic of exercise, I want to remind everyone that we have our own on-site fitness center, BodyTech Life Extension Center. Personal trainer, Rich McCafferty, stands ready to instruct you no matter your fitness level. You can read a little bit more about Rich and the fitness center HERE.

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to participate in our 2012 Healthy Start Program, it is not too late. This all-inclusive program offers nutritional food, a healthy eating plan and even a free membership to our fitness center. For full details click HERE

BodyTech Image

"When I started as a new member I was 270 pounds and desperate to get healthy again. I was determined to lose the weight and with the help of Tom and the staff at Integrative Medical, I was able to do just that. They guided me through the necessary healthy lifestyle changes I needed to make, and today I weigh 190 pounds. I could not have done it without their support."

- R. Merz

I’d like to share with you a valuable educational resource too, a site called ChiroVoice. This site is dedicated to chiropractic health and education. It has valuable information in both article and video format, and you can sign up for their free, monthly newsletter. Visit their site today at:

On a closing note (and still exercise related), I found a good video on cholesterol I want to share. And guess what... exercise will greatly help reduce your cholesterol! So, watch the video HERE, do your stretches (see above) and get out there and get moving! If you happen to be a cyclist, there is a local cycling club that rides all over Trumbull and Mahoning counties... the Out Spokin’ Wheelmen. You can visit them on the web at: Membership information and a ride schedule may be found on the site.

I guess that wraps things for March... Type you again soon!


Happy Valentines Day
Published on: 2012-02-14 by Dr. Tom

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you are having a great February. A lot has happened since I wrote to you last… the New York Giants are Super Bowl Champions. I found an interesting article on chiropractic care in the “big game”, which I think will be of interest to you. There is also a video you can watch.

Here is another inspirational tid-bit… remember the Wiggles? No, I bet your children or grandchildren do! This Australian group took children’s programming by storm in the early 1990s, and they are still performing today.

I found a great video by one of the original member, Greg Page. He had to leave the group due to ill health, but has since returned. He was able to make his triumphant return thanks to chiropractic. To watch the video simply click and enjoy.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge this month’s dark master… CHOCOLATE.

Yes, you can eat it, enjoy it and experience its healthful benefits. But if you feel yourself being pulled to indulge a little more than you should, I have found a helpful article on dealing with those cravings for you. It is a little dated (2009), but it presents sound advice. You can read that here.

On the chance that you DO over indulge, I remind you that we offer a full-service gym on the premises, complete with Rich McCafferty, a certified personal trainer. You can take a peek at the gym by visiting our website at: and clicking on the “BodyTech Life Extension Center” link across the top. There you can view our specials and read Rich’s bio.

It’s also not too late to take advantage of our 2012 Healthy Start Program. Full details can be found right on the splash page of our website, or you can click here.

It’s been great reaching out to you through Cyberspace… I hope to see you in the office soon and I hope you have a great February. It won’t be long before we escape winter’s icy grip and we can all get back to those great, active outdoor activities we all love so much.

Until next month… I wish you good health!

Happy New Year
Published on: 2012-01-01 by Dr. Tom

Happy New Year, friends...

I have some exciting announcements to kick off our new year!

I am going to lead off by announcing that our new website,, is online. You will find patient forms, our office blog, and more. Be sure to check in often, as we’ll be constantly adding new content.

I am also pleased to offer our 2012 Healthy Start Program. This program is designed around solid nutritional and exercise science to promote whole body wellness. This is a well documented, scientifically-proven program.

To see the amazing statistical results and to read more about Metagenics Ultra Meal 360, view the attached Metagenics.pdf.

Metagenics Kit

The complete, one-month kit includes:

* Available flavors for rice formula are chocolate or vanilla.
* Available flavors for soy formula are chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.

Also included:

The package totals $310, but to kick off the New Year, we are offering this complete kit for an amazing price of just $140.

I found an interesting article online that discusses the constant onslaught alternative medicine practitioners face. You can read it here.

Finally, I want to share another great article on how to kick off the new year in a positive, healthful way. It is titled “Kathy Smith’s Laws to Living Lean,” and it details solid strategies for getting healthy and staying healthy. Read the article here.

See you next month!

Dr. Tom

Christmas greeting from Integrative Medical!
Published on: 2011-12-13 by Dr. Tom

Hello, everyone!

I just want to take a quick moment to wish you all a warm and wonderful holiday season.

Again this year, we are collecting toys for the Warren Family Mission, and non-perishable food items for Cortland Area Cares. Your donations may be dropped off during normal business hours.

We are also collecting ornaments for our Christmas Tree of Knowledge. This fundraising program is now in its 31st year! For every Christmas ornament donated to our tree, we donate $1.00 to the Warren-Trumbull County Library for the purchase of new medical reference books.

I also want to take a moment to thank everyone for your support in the recent election. While I did not win the seat for city council, I made a very strong showing.

Our city deserves all of our support and input. We - the people - can make our city into a fabulous place to live and have fun. Our involvement sets the pace for creating a great place to raise a family and enjoy life. Please continue to provide your input and support to our Mayor, Curt Moll, and the city council.

And thank you for the opportunity to participate in our democracy!

Finally, we are looking to launch our new website January 1st. It will feature office information, a blog, links to social media, patient information - and more. Look for full details our January e-letter.

Health, wealth, and happiness!

Dr. Tom

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